Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Social Media Survey

Hi Everyone! I am wanting to get ready for our little Social Media portion of the meeting coming up on the 28th so I put together a little survey. When you get a moment will you please fill out the brief survey below? Thanks so much!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

July Meeting Wrap Up

It was great to see everyone last Thursday night!  We had another great meeting, covering a lot of information and sharing our latest finishes!  We also had a few new visitors and some who returned for their second meeting.  We are so glad you decided to join us!  It's always wonderful to meet new people who love quilting as much as we do.

Check out some of the finished projects from our guild members:

Wait, there's more!

We also spent  some time discussing our membership in the Modern Quilt Guild.  The vote on whether or not we should join will be taken at the September meeting.  We went over the pros, cons, and unknowns of joining and came up with the following:

Please continue to think about joining the Modern Quilt Guild and if you have any more pros, cons, or unknowns to add to the list.  We will have the lists up at the August meeting and you are welcome to add any of your thoughts to them.

Also, Elizabeth presented the amendments to the Bylaws.  The link below will take you to the proposed Bylaws.  We will vote on the amendments as well at the September meeting.

Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild Proposed Bylaws

A few more things to remember: 

Dates for upcoming meetings: 

August, 28th
September, 25th
October, 30th

Possible Sew-In Date:

Saturday, August 23rd
Saturday, August 30th
This date is up in the air and as soon as it is solidified, I will post the information.  Check back soon!

A separate post with the BOM instructions and links for the Apron Swap is up!  If you just scroll down, you will find all the information you need to participate.

August BOM and Links for the Apron Swap

Jenn and Vickie made three different samples (actually they went a little crazy having too much fun and made 5 blocks, but only three different ways).
Here are the instructions they followed when making their blocks.  For the block, they used: 

(1) 7" x 7" white as the center block
(2) 3.5" x 7" 
(2) 3.5" x 13

(The red strips in the attachment are what their 3.5" strips are for).
Cut the bock in half (at the 6.5" mark) and again to come up with the four pieces, sew with white blocks in the corners.  

The examples shown below are:

1 block using all the same border
1 block using only two colors (the same colors on the 7" strips and the same on the 13" strips)
1 block using all four different colors

The link below will take you to a tutorial for this block: 

Also, Cindi presented our next swap for us!  If you would like to participate in the swap here are some links that will help you get started. Bring your finished apron to the August meeting and swap it out for another lovely one made by a guild member!  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Meeting this Thursday!

Don't forget there is a guild meeting this Thursday, July 31st
The meeting is from 6-8 and is on the 7th floor of the Dowd YMCA

We hope you can make it to the meeting, we have a lot going on!

The program for the evening will be presented by one of our own guild members, Margaret McCullough, who will be teaching us a ruffled binding technique.

We will also have the Open Wide Zippered Pouch swap and will be turning in our completed blocks for this months BOM.

There will be a new swap announced for next month as well as a new BOM, so come and find out what fun stuff we are going to be putting together!

Also, and this is the important stuff, we will be getting some business done at this meeting and you don't want to miss it!   We will take some time to present and discuss the pros and cons of joining The Modern Quilt Guild.  In addition, we will also be presenting and discussing some amendments to the guild Bylaws.

Of course, as always, please bring what you have recently finished working on to share with the group during the Show and Tell time! We all love to see what everyone has been up to!

I haven't even mentioned the Sew-In date, the Charity Box and the new program for next month!  Check back here to find out more after the meeting....or better yet, come and join us on Thursday night!  We would love to see you there.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Looking Ahead and What About that BOM?

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick update on what you can look forward to at the July meeting!

One of our lovely guild members, Margaret McCullough, will be doing a program on how to complete that wonderful ruffled binding she showed us back in May.  See that sweet binding at the bottom of the apron that Margaret shared with us?  We are going to learn how to just whip one of those right up!

I also wanted to give you all a little more direction on the BOM, as there have been some questions.

First, since these blocks are all going to be made into a sampler type quilt for charity, they do not all have to be the same color.  For example, this month Jenn and Vickie shared the BOM with us in a blue color scheme.  However, we may or may not get enough blocks to make an entire quilt with just July's blocks and will need to include previous Block's of the Month into this quilt in order to complete it.  For example, we only received two completed blocks for June, and those blocks will need to be combined into another quilt. June's colors were yellow or purple and this month please feel free to make a block in any of those colors OR any color that will compliment the over all scheme at this point, possibly red or green.

Second, the link I shared with you;  Bitty Scrap Around Block, was for a completed 6.5 inch block.  If you refer back to the picture in the previous post, you will see that Jenn and Vicki combined four of these blocks to make one completed 12.5 inch block.  So, make four 6.5 blocks and sew them together to complete the BOM for July!

Our next meeting will be:   Thursday, July 31st

Don't forget to keep working on your Open Wide Pouch for the swap!  I've seen some pictures on InstaGram of some of the pouches heading to guild and you are not going to want to miss out!  

If you have any questions concerning swaps, BOM, programs, or anything guild related, please don't hesitate to ask!  Email us at

Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Meeting Wrap-Up

It was great to see everyone at the June Meeting!

If you were one of our visitors this month, we just want to say thank you again for joining us and hope you had a wonderful time.  We are so glad you decided to come and check us out.

We covered a lot of ground at the June meeting, including sharing some of these great swap projects that were started a few months ago.  The projects below were part of the WIP swap.  It was amazing to see what was created from other guild member's left over odds and ends!

There were also some great finished projects shared during our "Sew and Share" time:

We also did a good bit of housekeeping at the meeting, and I want to take a minute to run down some of the details for those who weren't able to attend.

  • If you are interested in volunteering for the AQS show that is coming to Charlotte at the end of July, they are still in need of volunteers.  You can volunteer through the Charlotte Quilter's Guild.  If you are interested, you can get in touch with Kelleigh and she will give you the phone number of the person you will need to get in touch with. 

  • We discussed the possibility of joining the Modern Quilt Guild.  Instead of voting at the meeting, it was decided to get more information regarding the benefits of being a MQG member, specifically the type, number and availability of the webinars as well as other issues brought up at the meeting.  Please be on the lookout, either here on the blog or in your email, for more information regarding these issues sometime in July, as we will be voting at the July meeting.  

  • We also introduced the new Charity Box, which goes hand in hand with our BOM program.  We will each be putting the name of our favorite charity in the box, and as we receive enough blocks to complete a quilt top, we will draw a charity from the box and the quilt made from the BOM blocks will go to that charity. This will give us the opportunity to give completed quilts to charities that are near and dear to our guild members and will also give us the chance to get to know one another better as we discover why that charity is so special!  

Our BOM this month is  the Bitty Scrap Around Block  that Jenn and Vicki shared with us at the meeting. Just click on the link and you will find the tutorial for the block.   Here are two pictures of the block so you can see a  super scrappy version (2nd below) , or one that is a little more symmetrical with the opposite sides having matching fabric (directly below).  You can make either version, it is totally up to you which you prefer!

We will be making the open wide pouch for our next swap project.  You can find the link to the pouch right here: Open Wide Pouch Tutorial.   Isn't that convenient?  Bring your finished pouch to the meeting in July and you will have the opportunity to swap yours for one of the lovely pouches the other guild member's have completed!  Elizabeth B. completed one and shared it with us this month, isn't it adorable?!

Also, thank you to Elizabeth and Jenn for their presentations on Making it Modern: Flying Geese and Paper Piecing.  I will get links up to those power point presentations very soon, so you can have access to all the great information they presented us with.  Thank you to Vicki and Jenn for providing us all with a free kit to take home and try for ourselves!   Thanks ladies, you were awesome! 

That just about covers it! Thanks again to all the visitors for coming and spending the evening with us, we would love to see you next month.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

See you THIS Thursday night!

Hi Everyone! 

Don't Forget, our Guild meeting is this Thursday night, June 26th !  We can't wait to see you there.  

We will be meeting, as usual, on the 7th floor of the Dowd YMCA, starting at 6pm.

At the meeting we will be having a workshop/presentation on the "Modern Aesthetic".  Elizabeth B. will be talking to the group about what makes something "modern" and Jenn will be sharing a modern sewing project with us, complete with a kit to take home and try on our own!  

We are looking forward to seeing you all there.