Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Meeting

At the September meeting we will be working together in small groups to pull together a quilt for the MQG QuiltCon Charity quilt.  
We have a theme for the quilt "Postcards from North Carolina"  
In order for our time at guild to be productive we will need you all to bring the following items: 

Fabric:  Solids or Prints, but they MUST be in the QuiltCon colors.  

Here is a link with all you need to know about the correct colors:  QuiltCon Charity Quilt info

Rotary cutters and mats

There will be six sewing machines at the meeting. Ironing boards and irons as well as thread and bobbins for machine sewing.  

If we all bring our supplies and come ready to dig in, we will finish the night with a pretty good beginning of our charity quilt. 

Don't forget to make and bring a name tag for the swap, an auction item for St. Gabe's and also your Secret Sewing Sister item if you have a SSS.  

Secret Sister Swap:  If you have something to bring, please write something about yourself and put it in the bag along with whatever you've made/bought.  Put the bags on the table when you come in.  Also, next month is the last month of the SSS Swap.  

One more important bit of information!  Officer Nominations will be made at the September meeting and voting for new officers takes place in October.  Please consider how you might help out in one of these roles:  President, Vice President, Swap Coordinator and Library officer.
See you soon!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

August Meeting Recap

We had a great crowd at the August meeting, it sure was great to see you all there!

We covered a lot of ground, I am going to try to get it all down so we remember what we need to be getting done!

First, let's start with a look at some of the great finishes you all shared with the group!  

Alright, here's the link with all of the information about printing on fabric from Vicki's presentation at the beginning of August:  Fabric Printing at Home

There will be no more quilt blocks for the charity quilt.  Instead we are using those orphan blocks to make placemats for the Friendship Tray program.  The instructions for the placemats are on the post before this one, so go back one post and you will find everything you need.

Our program for the August meeting was about Improv with Intent.  We participated in a webinar by Cheryl Arkison, which helped us understand a little more about the Improv process.  This will help us along as we work on the QuiltCon Charity Quilt, more on that in a minute.

There are some basic steps to remember as we use the Improv technique in our quilting:
1. Examine our inspiration
2. Pull fabric
3. Sketch
4. Cut fabric
5. Sew. Play.
6. Stop and Step back
7. Keep Sewing
8. Piece it together

At the September meeting we will be working together in small groups to pull together a quilt for the MQG QuiltCon Charity quilt.  We will be bringing our ideas, inspirations, fabric (in QuiltCon colors), and hand sewing supplies. You are free to work on your ideas/blocks/segments at home and bring what you have to the meeting as well.  We will be basting our pieces together and Xandi will take them home to piece.  Some of the inspirational ideas thrown about at the meeting were:  Mountains to Sea, State themed ideas; ie. state flower, bird etc; The Queen City and Charlotte Traffic.   Here is a link with details about the quilt as well as a list of the colors required, broken down by manufacturer:  QuiltCon Charity Quilt Info  Please note, that you can bring in solids or prints, but they must be the correct color!  Please also bring some mats and rotary cutters to the next meeting, so we can slash away! 

If you have a Secret Sewing Sister, please bring her goodies to the next meeting. 

Also, if you drew a name for the Nametag Swap, please make and bring the nametag to the September meeting!  

Last but by no means least, Auction Items for St. Gabe's are due at the September meeting.  Please bring something for them as a way to thank them for the FREE space the are so gracious to provide for us every month! 

Okay, I think that covers everything!  

Meetings: 6-8 pm at St. Gabriel's Church. 

September 29th
October 27th
No meeting in November
December 15th

Placemat Instructions for Friendship Trays

Here are the insturctions for the placemats:  If you are interested in turning your orphan blocks into something useful for some people in our community, follow the instructions below and bring them with you to the next meeting! 

Placemats and Napkins
These directions assume you are using a 12.5" square block for the center.  Ending size of placemat is 16.5" x 12.5" bound.  Napkin 17" x 17" hemmed.
16.5" x 12.5" batting & backing fabric; 12.5" block; 2.5" x 12.5" strips to match block (2); binding material 1.5" x 68"  (can be one continuous or spliced piece for mitered binding or (2) 12.5" and 18" sections for squared binding)
1.  Sew 2 strips to 12.5" block using quarter inch seams.  Spray baste back to batting and then front to batting. 
2. Machine quilt.  (In the ditch, all-over lines or pattern...optional)  Do enough to make the sandwich secure. 
3.  Optional 1/8th " seam around edges to secure. 
4.  Fold the binding strip (s) in half and iron wrong sides together.  Sew the binding to the front....Bind according to the method desired.  If not used to doing continuous binding, follow this link:        Binding Your Project - YouTube
Then either hand stitch or machine stitch in the ditch on the front to secure the binding to the back.
Materials :  Cotton fabric to match placemat cut 18" x 18".
1.  Iron 1/2" around all sides, wrong sides touching.  (I use 1/4" fold because I want thinner edging.)
2.  Fold the napkin right sides together diagonally.  Mark sewing line for miter on all four corners.  The sewing line will be perpendicular to the fold line...crossing the edges of folded fabric.  Pin to secure.  (see YouTube reference.)
3.  Stitch and trim to 1/8".  Push out the mitered corner.
4.  Iron again, allowing the fold to match the mitered corner. 

5.  Top stitch on front, making sure to secure the corners.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015

August Meeting: Tuesday the 25th

Our next guild meeting will be this Tuesday the 25th!  We will meet at St. Gabes from 6-8pm and can't wait to see you all there! 

We will be enjoying a program called Improv with Intent. We will we have the opportunity to go home and play with the techniques we learn in order to make blocks for Quilt Con, in the MQG Quilt Con colors. This is a great opportunity to really play with modern techniques and participate in something with all of our MQG sisters (and brothers) around the country.  

Don't forget if you signed up to be a Secret Sewing Sister, please bring in your first bag this month.  Remember, you should not be spending tons of money or hours for this swap.  Just pack fun, thoughtful little treats to brighten your partner's day!  Remember to put a note with a few hints or facts about yourself in the bag each month so your Sister can have fun getting to know you and trying to guess who you are!   Partners will be revealed after the last bag is opened in October.  Make sure to give your bag to a friend to bring if you cannot make the meeting this month.  

After many requests, our swap next month will be name tags!  We will choose partners at our August meeting and the name tags will be sue in September.  If you want to be in the swap but can't make the August meeting, you can always ask a friend to put your name in the basket and draw out a partner's name for you.

I think that covers everything!  We hope to see you Tuesday! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

BOM Link

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to put up the link to the BOM that will be due NEXT WEEK!  I'm so sorry, I should have put this up earlier in the month....but don't fret, there is still time to put one of these beautiful blocks together in time for the meeting!    Here is the link to the instructions: broken herringbone block   We will be meeting TUESDAY, the 25th from 6-8 as usual at St. Gabe's.  More information about the program and swaps will be posted soon!  So check back.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Coats and Clark Thread Evaluation: Deadline: July 29th

From time to time Coats and Clark conducts consumer tests of their threads. These evaluations can be quality related, a comparison to other products or evaluation of a proposed new product.  They will be conducting an evaluation this month and they are hoping to recruit participants through the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild.

Here is the information:
Thread Evaluation
Coats & Clark is looking for people who sew to participate in a comparison test of all-purpose threads. All materials will be supplied.  Participants should:
•             Own or have access to a sewing machine
•             Sew on a fairly regular basis
•             Be able to devote 1-2 hours to the test
•             Be able to complete in the next 3-4 weeks.
They usually send out a packet which contains the thread, fabric and needles plus instructions and an evaluation form. It also includes a postage paid envelope for returning the samples.  If Lynn has email addresses, she can follow up with details and get the shipping info. If anyone wants to contact her directly via email that is great!  Here is the email of Lynn Browne:
You will need to contact her by July 29th!   Get to it!  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

June Meeting Recap!

First, let's send out a big THANK YOU to Lee Monroe for joining us at last month's meeting.  She was such a delight and shared so much of her amazing work with us, as well as great tips and insight on how to design and incorporate different color palettes into our quilt projects.  She is such an inspiration!  

Lee has started a new series on her website, called "color stories", it is a great resource to see how to use color in a way you may not have thought about before.  She will be in our are again in August teaching some classes! She will be at the Quilted Thimble Cottage on August 14th and also at We're Sew Creative on the 15th.  You can find more about the classes she is offering, here:

Lee shared so many wonderful quilts with us at the meeting!  If you want to get a glimpse at them, head over to our Flickr account and you can view them there!   If you took some pictures during the last meeting it would be great if you could share them on Instagram!  Use the hashtag  #cltmqg and we will all get to see them if we are following the CLTMQG account.  

The Block of the Month for the August 4th meeting is below.  

There isn't a tutorial online for this one, here are the steps:
- Cut 36   2.5" squares of all the same shade - in my example it's all in the pink family
- Each block will have 6 squares in each row, and 6 rows total making it 6 x 6  2.5" blocks
- Arrange colors randomly, I sewed them 2 at a time and then began adding them together to make the rows... no planning on the layout

We did not follow through with the fabric swap during the last meeting, so we are just going to plan to do it again at the August 4th meeting!   Bring a fat quarter or two and swap with the other ladies who are participating! 

Please remember that our meeting day has changed, just for the July meeting.  The church needed the room that evening, however they can accommodate our group on Tuesday, August 4th instead!  We voted at the last meeting to cancel or take the new date for our July meeting, and since you all love the Cltmqg so much, you voted to meet on the 4th!   Same time: 6-8; same place:  St. Gabriel's, Room D.  See you there!   You are not going to want to miss out, Vicki Chase will be doing a program Fabric Postcards and Printing on Fabric From Home!